• Ontbijtkoek


    Posted by arrisje on Jul 29

      Ontbijtkoek (literally breakfast cake) is a Dutch cake made with rye flour, spices, honey and molasses. It says breakfast but you can ...
  • Cochinita Pibil
    Cochinita Pibil

    Cochinita Pibil

    Posted by arrisje on Sep 16

    Cochinita Pibil originally from the Yucatan in Mexico. Cochinita means baby pig, and Pibil, means buried or cooked underground. So if you ...
  • Grandmas Spaghetti
    Grandmas Spaghetti

    Grandma's Spaghetti

    Posted by arrisje on Jul 31

    Grandma's Spaghetti is one of the dishes my mother in law used to make. My kids always loved her Spaghetti. The instructions ...
  • Cranberry-BBQ-Meatballs

    Cranberry BBQ Meatballs

    Posted by arrisje on Jul 9

    Appetizer with only 4 ingredients who would have thought they taste so delicious for young and old. This is an easy Crockpot ...
  • Perfect Pan Fried Steak
    Perfect Pan Fried Steak

    Perfect Pan Fried Steak

    Posted by arrisje on Jul 5

    Pan Fried Steak is not hard to make. Actually it's quite simple. You do not need a lot of ingredients, and it's ...
  • longhorn-hawaiian-ribeye

    LongHorn Steak Hawaiian Rib Eye Steak

    Posted by arrisje on Jun 22

    There are a few things I like at Longhorn Steak House. And one of them is this Hawaiian Rib eye Steak. if ...
  • Witlof Salade
    Witlof Salade

    Witlof (Belgian Endive) Salad

    Posted by arrisje on Jun 22

    In the United States Belgian endive is considered to be a gourmet and expensive vegetable, I paid for 4 pieces of Belgian ...
  • Carnitas

    Easy Pork Carnitas

    Posted by arrisje on Nov 12

    This is not the proper way to make Carnita's.  But hey it's close enough to it. I had some left over pulled ...
  • Famous-Dave-Broccoli-Salad

    Famous Dave's Broccoli Salad

    Posted by arrisje on Jun 9

    I've never had the opportunity to eat @ Famous Dave. But I saw this on the Food Channel and I just had ...
  • Sudderlapjes-Braised-Beef

    SudderLapjes (Braised Beef)

    Posted by arrisje on May 6

      A typically Dutch Dish. Braised beef goes by two names, Sudderlapjes (braised beef) or Draadjes Vlees (thread meat). A delicious old-fashioned stew ...

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