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  • IndoMacCheese

    Indo Macaroni Schotel

    Posted by Arrisje on Jan 20

    Indonesian macaroni schotel  is one of the Dutch-influenced foods that has now become common and popular in Indonesia and The Netherlands.  It's ...
  • olivegardenfagiolesoup

    Olive Garden Fagioli soup

    Posted by Arrisje on Jan 12

    The Italian term “pasta e fagoili” translates in English to pasta and beans. It’s a hearty soup consisting of plenty of the ...
  • currycauliflower

    Curry Mustard Cauliflower

    Posted by Arrisje on Jan 8

    I got this Curry Cauliflower recipe out of a cookbook from Ottolenghi named simpel. Made a few modifications and loved it. I ...
  • MongolianBeef

    Mongolian Beef

    Posted by Arrisje on Jan 8

    Despite its name, Mongolian beef did not originate in Mongolia. It is a Chinese-American dish adapted from the beef component of Mongolian ...
  • Bulgogi


    Posted by Arrisje on Jan 2

    Bulgogi, a classic Korean dish of thinly sliced, marinated beef, is a staple of Korean households. Bulgogi—eaten over rice or wrapped in ...
  • bibimbapdolsot

    Dolsot Bibimbap

    Posted by Arrisje on Jan 1

    Bibimbap means “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables“. You can make endless variations to this dish depending on your preference. To ...
  • kapsalon


    Posted by Arrisje on Dec 26

    Kapsalon,  has turned into one of the most popular street foods of the Netherlands it has an interesting mix of influences: Dutch ...
  • creolecornbread

    Creole Cornbread

    Posted by Arrisje on Dec 23

    I do like cornbread but Creole Cornbread is my favorite. Ingredients 2 cups cooked rice 1 cup yellow cornmeal 1 cup chopped yellow ...
  • freshcranberrywalnutbananabread

    Cranberry Walnut Banana Bread

    Posted by Arrisje on Dec 19

    The g-babies like to cook/bake with me. Here is another Kid Friendly Recipe to do with the kids, Cranberry Walnut Banana Bread.   Ingredients: ...
  • schuimpjes

    Schuimpjes (Meringue Kisses)

    Posted by Arrisje on Dec 13

    I have made some advocaat, and what to do with all that leftover white egg? Making schuimpjes (Meringue Kisses) is one of ...

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