• Saucijzenbroodjes


    Posted by arrisje on Sep 6

    Dutch Sausage Rolls (Saucijzenbroodjes). Spiced meat rolled in puff pastry, a delicious appetizer or snack.  If you don't feel like mixing up ...
  • roti.png


    Posted by arrisje on Aug 29

    Ingredients 4 cups all purpose flour 2 tbsp yeast 1¼ cup water milk mixture (warm 110F) 1 tbsp melted butter olive oil Instructions Add the yeast, water milk mixture ...
  • Bok-Choy

    Bok Choy

    Posted by arrisje on Aug 29

    Bok choy, also known as leafy Chinese cabbage, is one of the popular vegetable in mainland China, Philippines, Vietnam and other East-Asian ...
  • Olive-Gardens-Salad-dressing

    Olive Garden's Salad Dressing

    Posted by arrisje on Aug 22

    Now you know when I have Olive Garden's bread sticks I got to have some Olive Garden's Salad with Olive Garden's Salad ...
  • Olive-Gardens-Bread-Sticks

    Olive Garden's Bread Sticks

    Posted by arrisje on Aug 21

    There are only a few things that I like at Olive Garden. One of them is the bread sticks. I finally I ...
  • Green-Bean-Salad

    Green Bean Salad

    Posted by arrisje on May 25

    A fast and very tasty side dish for a bbq. Something different then the regular thing. This green bean salad won't take ...
  • Tomato-Pie

    Tomato Pie

    Posted by arrisje on May 22

    Just in time for the season. If you like tomatoes like I do, you will love this tomato pie. In this tomato ...
  • Black-Bean-Burger

    Black Bean Burger

    Posted by arrisje on May 18

    The first time I tasted a vegetarian burger was at Lenny's. And I must say I didn't miss the meat at all.  ...
  • Eggplant-Parmesan

    Eggplant Parmesan

    Posted by arrisje on Apr 25

    First time for me to prepare Eggplant Parmesan. And I must say it was really good. I am not a vegetarian but ...
  • Orange-Chicken.png

    Orange Chicken

    Posted by arrisje on Apr 19

    Orange chicken Chun Pei Gai Pan is Traditionally a Hunan recipe contained what is called chun pei, or ‘old skin,’ to describe ...

Those of you who like my recipe cards,  I got something for you.

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